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by The Good Hard

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Stagger Doll 03:00
i tried livin in a line for the empath automation but i cdn’t seem to gibe with ecosexual cancellation cuz stickin labels on fugacious to payday yr expectations s’like syncin free-born sentience to sermonizing simulations now I spray a musty ale out my plumpt-up butter ball, cooin as you teethe my tail, here comes the Stagger Doll. I once was Simple Precious of Salacious Sugar Cookies, ‘fore that Insightful Crevice With the Whinge That Overtook Ease, now there’s gopros in my gusset so I can PPV my nookys, and the Yalies may not yay it but I’m a hooker to the lookys famisht wildflowers all poppin solids where I fall, now we’re livin in the nower, standby for Stagger Doll blacklist’s my soto center, anominous my arena, one hole screws up yr order while the other squirts yr creamer, my take’s another topic, i’m the greasy in yr cleaner, tail plug so hypnotic got a condo in my dealer so as you dance for faster feel my tipsy metricals haxxess yr ditto blaster, bad bad bad Stagger Doll
NYCya 03:33
flippt my flat headin back to the home I left cuz I knew i’d never leave her ten foot hat deer grass pants come and get me, babe i’m yr old new big believer all my friends say I’ve gone off the deep end but they’re pissin bitters in the kiddie pool they’re so scared of ya cuz yr such a luvva but I’m so over swimmin in their snicker school if they ask where i’m at tell em there’s no lookin thru what won’t oppose you got nuthin genst her ain’t tryna fence her she gave my mayday holy landing then she got crusaded by the accoladed for rank identitary branding so now it’s NYCya yeah wdn’t wanna be ya got a date with a freer way to live the love I guess you outgrew out the trap off the track three sisters thru the skylight for that chowdy salsa welcome shack mystery scat shotgun ‘bove the bed should we ever spot nostalgia plug into ectothermal navigation score some cryptix from the hummingbirds they’re so scared of ya cuz yr such a luvva but I’m so over wrigglin thru their trigger rules maybe we’ll see could be i mite miss my city but now it’s NYCya yeah wdnt wanna be ya got a date with a freer way to write the worlds too wild for you do the you you’re too you to do be the new you gave the gripy few topo hack nomadapt comin or goin it’s all how yr flowin wen yr out there somewhere playin what was that?
aileron to my aileron let’s victory roll til fairness shoots us down frowned upon we’ll turn turtle gods and fly their smiles around our burial mound here’s to the colors who wear nothing to the game cuz there’s no up the middle takin sides here lie the lovers who left nothin to the shade save what little spittle their jiggles couldn’t trickle out noctiluca’s twisted power lines put me on when you put me on cuz I fit better than some second thought throw your qualms on intercom so they can hear me savin what they shot here lie the shudders only struggled to be done like freedom’s liberation from the free here’s to the suckers with no nummers for the blood but when the whelps start whoopin they squelch whatever’s loopin and let their silence play strange jubilee carry on to my in the wrong all I want’s to sing along with you
carpe kauai, my tidal zone teach me to lose my shoes firehole drive my vibe, slomo then blow like the never fuse love’s all crackin lockers round our lips smokin wokies, drinkin chisel spit no sacred scuffle vigorates our story meat cuz incidental adequation’s all we mean and when we smang we drip like a dead man’s daughter who hits that twang like the early meat puppets taught her a little owl on a lotta blotter nobody knows where their safe space’s walls gonna run just cuz you finger yourself don’t mean you’re easy to strum so many perfect lines I trip and say something dumb like I been talkin bout nothin for years now but she still won’t flash me on the playground what you wanna get it for when gettin’s just a scenery door to where you gotta go to forget it? how you ‘xpect to folk a lore that doesn’t start a snivel war the second someone fails to sweat it? slomo, take my eye off the brawl and whisper out the hole in the doll what we shd play is all we play all day my ladder’s in tatters why’d I hide my desk in the drawer? no more waitin for the coop board to my life maybe we shd knock out some porn cuz there’s no purty sight like a dirty night inside your earthy device easy go, me n my slomo risotto con adagio marilyn “hammer throw” monroe incommunicolorado in the flow, me n my slomo never home sweet never home
ding dong you wanna come outside and… hold on your heart’s too good to hide and this ain’t some gettin bit by the bitter day it’s the day I come to make you unmade fuck all that sitting duck for splainers with a thing for slingin shame no trending minimus shall force us spend the summer in her shade we’re for the shore where mamas never serve unsweetened lemonade cuz you and me got beds to make unmade how long you mean to shine that shard cuz it’s gone and you got scars for arms but there’s no shares in sellin shit to the shitter, trade in your can’t unmake me for make me unmade we’ll bloop a baby bump ain’t charged by bellyachin’s power train and raise some ragers in the sage with universal dna cuz what’s the point of people making other people into graves for all the calls they couldn’t make unmade? pops poppt the cork into your face and now you’ve got a case of just in case so you are thru flunkin trig on the trigger, babe, love is made for makin so let’s make it unmade
Supergene 05:13
what can I say guess i’m not gay you servomaster me i wanna play like we’re green bay before antifreeze on with the show off with our toes we’re the opener for dawn you finish my groans i pay off your loans let’s keep goin til we’re gone too much love is golden gloves we’re a smoother sleigh ain’t no fight if yr both right for the bedspread ballet raise me, chase me into yr climbing tree tighten my chain take my x-ray and you’ll see the keys swim in the hay roll cross the bay act all argentine lost in our brogue like we got thrown by the bull of community up on our float clearly the GOAT at the game of meet yr needs too much love is push and shove we’re a peaceful plot ain’t no fight if yr both sides of the peeping tom wake me, slake me on your supergene you got me hazy smalltown crazy our depravey origami like a daisy round my ravey head yo, bro, come taze me fly that featherbed for days we dance more dirt than baby and swayze i’m soft and chewy who me? waterzooi slew me sippin rumi drippin gooey as a sticky sloppy licky you-me cookie my boo whooty buoy callin all yr divers deep into my steamy lit jacuzzi what can I say? less yr on my tray I get lost upscale i wanna play battleground state but we’re transient whales it’s like calcio fiorentino with the vibe of nouvelle vague dorothy scarecrow each other’s cologne put yr phone on gettin schlogged too much love is swappin scrubs we’re a party bus ain’t no fight if yr both tight with the loosen ups intercede me like a binary on renew
I gave my child my anger, Tho not of my intent, It happened cuz I showed her My anger now and then. And like the tireless worker I raised her good to be, She profited my anger And gave it back to me. Be careful with your children; Give but what you’d receive, Cuz all that you endow them Comes back to you increased. I gave my child my sadness, And now he cannot smile, I’ve seen him crawl near twenty When he might skip one mile. He weeps to see the sunrise As such means it must set, And all cuz I begot him The sadness I now get. Be honest with your children, But don’t tell them the truth,
 Cuz every truth you tell them Comes truther back to you. We give our children nuthin’ But what our folks bequeathed, Which their folks’ folks’ folks pickt them From off that folky tree. And so the wheel keeps a-rollin Down roads of no return; We teach our darling children The things we never learned. So rear your children rightly On rules you’d wish to bide, But know that what’s unsightly A child will not hide. Of course, there’s hope for family; We love our children too, And when they’nt sad or angry, They return it much improved, But even with their lovin’ You sup what you have stewed, For surges from your children What you might wish subdued.
i sense i'm bout to tell u sumthin u don't wana fear... all my breachy bb's wag yr fledskin back to me give yr drag a homesqueeze then we're kickin on t'affinity wutcha say ya shake yr can't's off put yr study wer yr slant's lost give yr tummy to my new germinant philosophe i'll grok yr loks off gems i swat r from a not mine shot thr stems thru my fraught spine set my tete-a-get never on threat with the wind chime now i’m notalotasabé tribe certified help ya lose the rash u get all strokin yr pride cuz that water table overdraft’s a misdiagnose dive jitsu catty hang yr thigh brow on me waxwork daddy lemme jerk yr duty big sad longhair hide yr medication down along the little bear gonna grub around the scrub til we noe no nation. u caulkt i ain’t squawkin bout biddies n gwop? think i'm drinkin my ink with this hoke ass schlok? liv on a bad blok? invest in that dethbed crash stok? here's my hard nok skool talk: man's a man cuz he give good flok. got a crook in yr why? don't identify with the vivify puts the blue in the sky? bird-dog the small cry? uglify all you dignify? motocross molokai? blimp yr blood pie? budgereegah brume tongue let yr song unsure me intifada pentagon bomb my out-of-body cunnilingus lawn choir spread yr vegetation deep into my stagmire til thinkin is sleepin n i know no nation. i pledge allegiance to the fledgling insipience tripping the siege of the anti-conservial forces swerving pabulum disaster into the circumfusing chrysalis vernacular of spectacular sensoria that effuse transducible fluttering y’alls of wrawl-awaking metaphor-making crucibles whose unsessile intercurrences spread reverence for the only chief worth dying for: the free-born frolicsome endocarp gifts the speed to fusee past the fad fug of new jeer’s greed and polypore our best bet not to interbreed so we can prewar in the true throb hollow of the obscure antitheses til our vertebra breathe the plethora creche n we turgesce to a stent melt of mergent peace wer kin and gang the alluvial gelt release. u a fled crumb from the table of the troublesome so ya gotta give a piece'f ya wanna get sum. pain's a game ya lose if u submit it to metabasis like a froth to frame’s a laureation of paralysis limber up yr dibs or i'm afraid we'll have to amputate if all yr doin is dumpin yr chewin it's time t'unsmother the luvr ya hate judge yr size by the thrives u crush? fuk yr truk for the gunk it gush? anaesthetize the am-in-us? valorize oblivious? the hair of a woman ain’t let down by decapitation like the glare of an imam rebounds wen u noe no nation maybe let ya put it in me a little wile if ya lemme deadheat yr gamete a little wile maybe let ya hit my limit a little wile if ya lemme dutchtreat yr bittersweet a little wile maybe let ya split into my opposite a little wile if ya lemme unseat yr conceit a little wile maybe let ya commit the indefinite a little wile if ya lemme complete yr self-defeat a little wile flamethrow backfire ya gon’ burn wut grow ya clitoria barbwire yr mad rote ain’t yoga automatic respire yeah it’s a complication but yr hallelu to the good for u ain’t nuthin but huffin til u noe no nation
hanging by your heart from our circuitry dark and torn apart round you writhe for me endless were the nights we lay as one endless are the nights now I am gone may you feel my remnant breathing spiring thru your seizured heaving that the laden left by leaving stir you to bereave bereaving with our great and bleary struggle t’ever live on love’s unsettling level free from colic redo as your revival keys thru me cored by their dissipate bodies enamored mingle in brooks of unmet formed by the rivulets of their unanswered cries for one final duet


Recorded at The Home Of in Gowanus, Blackler Studios in Bushwick, and The Wrong Mountain Yurt in Arizona. All songs written by Kirk Wood Bromley and sung by Kirk Wood Bromley and Sandstar. Joe Hertenstein: drums on Stagger Doll and The Oldest Tune. Brian Chase: drums on Supergene, Make You Unmade, Noe No Nation, and One Final Duet. James Ilgenfritz: bass on Me & My Slomo. Jesse Pursley: trombone on Make You Unmade. Nathan Bontrager: cello on Me & My Slomo. All other instruments by Kirk Wood Bromley, Kevin Blackler, and Sandstar. Mixed and mastered by Kevin Blackler. Produced by KB2.


released April 17, 2022


all rights reserved



The Good Hard

The Good Hard is playwright, poet, and musician Kirk Wood Bromley's band featuring players and producers in NYC and Arizona. Email the "Contact The Good Hard" link below if you wanna talk.

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