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Luvchild Meltdown

by The Good Hard

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y u gotta luv me in the worst of ways? u shda told me of yr PhD in runnin thru my Whitney like yr cares r caves. i never askt u to be true. in the history of the human race not one creature we have ever slain struggled toward our psychophagous face, yet on u bitch at my buffet. y u gotta treat me like i’m over-paid for doing everything for u for free? maybe i wuz generous, n it’s an MBA with an emphasis in screw. O u mothers of the nearly dead, grapple tighter to thr favorite doll, cuz next to my luv tryin to rite my hed, well, u just don’t noe loss at all. wen u gonna luv me like the first of days n throw yr body at the amputee? spongin up my frowzy like it’s novocaine, hallowing my architeuth? is there anything more dismal, dear, than a limb not led by luv? so let our epicenic fable steer yr vertex to my melted ilium.
softest textures dying loudly crashes thru my haggard psyche, iridal this glum unmaking, resonance on silence slaking conjured to the voiceless traces wer unsungs grind yr body into a maze of gravy, nothing can find its somehow, u soothed our clamor, so now i can't hear u but i hear the deth u do. as diffusion took yr hand u kept asking wut's the band finally it wuz wise to worry how the flake shd fare the flurry as u fused into our fingers hadness devoured u wholly, mood poisoning all our glory, life is a failed drama wretching its raves thru trauma lying to u that it needs the deth u do. have u seen my lost composer, she of gracious, wild composure, wut am i to play without her, butchering ded ringers tout her luring with their livid lulla- by, O goodbye to music, cry, let me cry, i'm so sik, now gives the stage to never, caesura resound forever. why sing of u wen i sing the deth u do?
wen will death turn me round n sho me the noeing i noe never went away the place that i go wen i’m the hurricane the part in my show that i alwz play cuz i’m desperate, dumb and free. slouch or stretch inimitably to reach the basal tome? follow me to the beheader’s breast n we’ll try to score some home. bookt my time with that publicist who can get u on a tray, he took my mind like a bug a kiss, so shut yr mouth n say: wen i wuz alone, i wuz worldwide, then i put my globe in a powerdive, so now i’m alone but i think i’m occupied. beautiful rain that wuz my wife, beautiful rain that made me twice, beautiful rain y did u go away? beautiful rain that broke my dike, beautiful rain so weird and ripe. beautiful rain defile my fake champagne. beautiful rain so wer of why, beautiful rain of fighting flight, beautiful rain the flames r at my face.
I put myself in your shoes, And they fit like a tired child, Then I walkt down your bad news, And I came to your final smile; It was wide as the liar’s eye, And I saw that it was I Who wrappt you up in distrust And sold you to the circus. Of love let’s at least be clear: He hides from his favorite toy; It’s a jury of your fears; And she kills like a good ol’ boy. So sink all your rescue ships, And lash yourself to my lips; Ain’t no use in fightin The fight that we delight in Even tho we know: Intimation’s titivated blame For the need that you can’t understand away. All our straining can’t relieve the strain Of another dream without another day; Nuthin’s gained by knowing what to say. You laught when you lost my face On a dive down a wasted well For the cure for the common place, Now I feel like a parallel Deflection of your devout Desire that I should black out So you can eat my vision And shit your next religion, The redebut of you. For the crime of lookin like ya care, All ya lose is the right to be unknown. If you’re set on torchin what we share, Well you’ll never find the exit sign alone. Nuthin’s new is a poor excuse for back home. Break your silence on me. Compromise my cervix. Ease is never easy. Only death ain’t nervous. Pleasure in my freedoms. Let your sure-bets bicker. Sell your house for seasons. Mother may I kick her out So I can see what the loss of her’s about Less all this glitzy grey dogmatic doubt, Cuz now I’m livin with what I’m without, Then maybe love won’t feel like such a rout.
Once I 05:29
once i walkt awhile away from me i don’t remember wer i wuz but i can say with sum certainty i didn’t do it just becuz someone shamed me for my fixity i wuzn’t in that hi a crowd so i think i’d dreamt so hi for me the only way to round wuz round round n round the bodyguard the writer chased the easel til he turned into a splatter god whose word is lethal (to himself) so wen u label me u price me out of ever going home with u flower blue or wither ocher balance on a fleeing father deck yr envy with a choker start a war to find yr valor all we gotta do to noe wut all we gotta do is all we do (it’s up to u) once i’d walkt awhile away from me i started missin wer i’d been so i doubled back, but wut u see is all u get for lookin ahed. every path felt like a parody of something i’d been left out of goin nower so its happily never meets wut after duz. put yrself in charge of serving only spend the time u cherish meditation’s too unverving congregate against the cliquish someone oughta go n find a match so we can burn this sexy eye-hi. omnivores r overlords so if yr hurt go on all fours but if yr good go more hardcore n be the whore that u deplore u don’t noe y u don’t like it so u don’t like it cuz u don’t noe y (yr such a boolin outcry) now i wonder wut’s becum of me now i’ve called the whole search off sometimes, wen we’re walkin thru the trees i think i see a bit of cloth but it’s alwz just some trash, n we pick it up n pack it out never griping of the drudgery cuz we ain’t cum this far to pout. so, bb, if u lose me, shout.
when i first held you in my arms and felt all fall before yr charms silent we a moment met n then you let yr new voice vent and I joined in, cry on, my baby girl who can hush when yr in this world? when you cry all my joys unfurl so let's cry together as i look into yr eyes drowsy neath the darkening skies slowly you begin to sing any sweet old anything and i join in, sing on, my baby girl who can hush when yr in this world? when you sing all my joys unfurl so let's sing together we say goodbye with each hello no love denies we die alone but when our voices intertwine I live in yrs and you in mine now yr growing past my care i see you going otherwhere but right before you disappear you turn and whisper in my ear it's ok, dad, i'll be back some day but i hear a voice come from far away and i can't sleep til i can truly say if we can cry together if we can sing together if we belong together
my brain is failing. at the heart of the death of the earth is the glory of the human mind. from scrotiform lip-reader to under grand central. the monologues of the spectacular caregiving accident craft ever new obsessions from the parameters of our iconic intoxication. maybe i wuzn’t raised hard enuf. by battling children battling in fiction for battles beyond fiction, we catch the final face disease from the haughty, capricious uniformity of profitable deadbeats forcing us to see the good in ppl. maybe i shd try harder to commodify my confusion. art has become a flaming, bitchy detente between a sexy agenda of lameness and the latent bitching content that hates democratic outcomes because they’re not pretending to be programatically cataclysmic enuf. i pounced, i starved, i acted self-reliant. as of several core deletions ago, everyone owns an instant hideaway, the silver lining has replaced coming apart together, and explosive, non-perishable foods drag all the literary figures into hot hazards running amok on shared servers. apparently, the I have to begin by giving up on the poem, as the phrase “stick it back in me, woman,” keeps forcing itself into most favored pre-contamination status under the title… shake it, you oil-dippt dog. pardon the mess, i’m performing surgery on myself. it’s like the move to mars happened, but nobody told anybody, so here we are, half-breathing the complaining air of over-bookt graves. i beg to differ, but i rarely do. the general agreement about wut’s gone wrong with “i am that” keeps us perfectly entertrained. frantic social exterior…contradictory medical opinions…sustainability all the rage… fail to impress in non-consensual sporty…. we are all now the great terrible leader painting ourselves into an escape hatch whose bitter non-key judgment is a major player in the subtl approach to dumping. will you feel my forehead? if u can’t take derision, get off deride. why can’t i find this chicken shit hilarious? why can’t i sell more aggravating appreciations? life is only alive to the death in my scope. howbout you keep what you’re going thru from going thru me. that’s not really wut ppl do anymore. i miss everything, even this missing. here come those bright forebodings of war. good. i can finally be alone. maybe we’re still too into tasting each other to mix our ingredients. put away the why’n til it takes u home put away the why’n like u mite uncode put away the why’n that confounds u put away the why’n that expounds u put away the why’n put away the why’n put away the why’n that surrounds u put away the why’n
Yesterday 05:43
yesterday stay away yr a heavy fine finally i can see wer i long to climb n i need u off my spine yesterday wutcha say u go play in the street? after all yr the sprawl that made life a cheat i don’t care how or wer u die, just do cuz now i noe wer i’ve gotta go to get over u and if you're there we’ll see who’s who who don’t wanna stumble on a love they can predefine? who don’t wanna walk the line for the mine they can redesign? i never found my way cuz i took it all for you so i’m gettin over and above if it’s the last thing i screw yesterday all you play is get the kid in the hole yr the gun that everyone calls their bloodied soul “u want a drag?” u coolly asked and i suckt like death why believe the guys who leave wanna fix this mess? and when ur gone we’ll see who’s blesst. blesst are the always out of touch for they know they shan’t be groped blesst are the never call your bluff for they know nobody’s home good by me i’ll be in that group muscle known for making indecisions concerning the eradication of candor, so if u need me, just start up some crowd-sourced hassle composed of nocturnal omissions and I’ll come crawling proudly out the pander. yesterday? yesterday? why’d u go away? i’m not thru gettin rid of u. yesterday?
Got my doozy luv mob on the line Wanna concentrate you to denouement juice Via an eruption touch of the tender strum With its cliche hittin au nouveau It’s maybe too much in the meager, N its engine coulda cuddled more with its caboose, But my luv slog’s on the looper climb, And I’m a peak baggin buck so here I go. You purge corruption out my corruption scrub Divest my stress of its standing O-no-vation Embrace my burning plan confusion toggle Flash non-com genomes thru my choosy slick gloom Yr ragged pussy willow captivation With my concrete cannonball elation Makes this think-blot in a link-thought world My changeable prankster shadow womb. I love you like a summer pitfall cat The vast nothing coosh of judiciousness, I love you with the bowled-over strength You can only harvest once off starvation. No soil hums richer presets, Can’t shed a seed with more lone auspicious mess, I love you nine times outta two primes More than space loves deceleration. You mother my bootlick vigor hold, All’s new to me now as a quiz in punk sleep, O inner innocent barbiturate deliverer, O extra large suckle tug fuchsia supreme, Yr beauty’s a fortress window secret, Yr secret’s a reflective infinitron skin deep, You stream my bone-dry breeder baghdad Thru the zeal of yr yuma crick dream. You sucker hunch my banyon gliders On the humpy vapor hub of yr psycho sex Curdle birthin me out the strappin lore Washt in sage blush of yr ecstasy As you stroke and bubble, “Be a good little joy And fetch me all the lunes the moon reflects,” So I slup em up in a hunkpapa spilly cup Til they blow like riled fractal ancestry. I once had a rescue me later petition Now I’m yr cash in hand on god spend Yr my play family in the drag scenery, Yr the fuck it igloo in my desert quest plot, Yr laughter stuffs my crank case with afterlife On yr fly-by arboretum my junkos ascend Yr a semi-reclusive solace ragout No collective taint scene can ever blot. My road swings pancake jesus in yr voice, Peace hooligans goosh out yr nebulous strut, This is the most biosimilar form of magic Known to civilized umbilication. My third can finally worship wishless, Maybe keep my cravin in my sucker cut O yr luv holds my unglued head up Wen my boutique marrow seeks disaffiliation. Every day’s that secessional recess Wer we pull our logo from the dumbluck mud, No dysfunctional cherry tree’s unsatisfied No “kimochi, Pakistan?” blithers on high, The history of spoilsport pillows in b sharp Frolics so grateful midst cleavings and thuds And mordant struggle like the smell of brusque shims Sits so playful, devastated by no reply. A warship dog with a beat poet skull hole Skulking the greasy sweets highway shoulder, Windy wet inspiro forgery litter Clinging operatic to chosen obstruction, A crapular lab rat potato school robot Habitually banging smoke replenishment buttons So was I palled in perceptive prosaic burlesque Before your all-cleansing hill country seduction, Nothin’s free to step on bubble wrapped poachers Less it wallows half-dead in yr game-keeper zoom Teaching is learning a timorous majesty By licking, in riffles of riddles, your tribes Attempt’s an atemporal asshole throat clash Til yr showplows get dirty clearing the room, I see everything stopping transitive traffic When yr analytics devour my ghostwrote eyes. You dug the tears outta my bad job grave, Parallaxed the nature twist in my whims, I went from man of steel on a chomping stick To a huron-junto stolen man, Awkward reflex, loyal spite, Campy hoarding, hindsight discipline, Such awkward offspring of art’s old anger Are welcome wandering slobs in yr swank lapland. Yr my wild wire empire grounding N yr my shock sans cloying stutter Yr my ambulatin festschriften wood N yr my non-directional chug fluff whittle Yr the gentle mad salt of westerly That I pour all over you, my central sugar, O yr my spirit stuck up a soft spot tree Gettin blasted on nomadic rain spittle I smudge-cupped the lushy dawn bum With my backdraft sourpuss rambles, Spewed such awe-sick narcotic quitterback Kiss-me-how unappeasable sputter, Forcin eluctable toxic need visions On perfectly carousing basso shambles But yr the haboob of grassfed children That squad-flosses my gizmo gutter. Snarled in mock nepals of self-burger Thru plaintive torpor my shruggings thrashed, Bought thickets heralding draggers Bleeding shovels and clubbing doubt Into cold crashing mood tong pistons Bustin liminals on the brash Now yr evictee groove got my stiffy smooth As a new baby freshwater brando trout Death opens his fresh nag princess N I scoff fat lizards at her wares Cuz I’m humpin homeless drifts In the flex gorge of yr cloudberry ovulation Wer this ethical curd can’t stop Embodyin re-involvement thoroughfares As my lumberyarded old growth soul Sprouts out yr cumulus fungal filtration. Who wants photocosmic convenience? Who wants another cheap hugs store? I’d rather busk for drool without a bucket The shoreless hotdog seas of marbled mistruth, I’d rather not look at the Hollywood sign So I can see what’s new in Labrador Cuz once I auction off my taught gut I’m sinkin it all on one sip of yr oxbow sluice. I’d locked my biker swerve judgment bureau Outta my own start-of-life proceedings, Yr shisht misprisions pickt my deadbolt, Burgled the native unknown into my ruse, My weak fact-blunted constitution Had been committeed in sad fad meetings You shut down with the legwork freedom Of the corncrib union our blithe stetsons unloose. Ain’t no quickie hangout in forever But’s the length of yr hurry-off kiss, The dark money times is you flash vivid, All alone’s yr itinerant groping, In freak-pleasin yr lawman focus I’m bareback on the shy skits of bliss, O vulnerable rough-house haven, O most hospitable cylindrical hoping, Yr wags open my spain percussion N I’m born bipedal on the cloister floor, As I disgorge devotional cells Into setback’s hermetic doge stone, Cuz when meak are the hookworm mighty N you are who you constantly creatively bore All I know my stupor power’s Bein jk trance meat on yr lettuce bones. Cuz u shush me basic and I love u N u unbrush me Vedic and I love u U give my tools to the squabblin squirrels I go build u a snowmobile bar, Cuz u leave me naked and I love u Then u won’t leave me sated and I love u We’re so wichi Maghreb aschenpoodle No one knows what the clank we are so far. My unavailable overfond sensations Were droll as the wicked found food market There but for a stiff dance with the great chance At a lame entrance went I Cuz I’d crackt my own stuck image carapace Seekin the pith of a care-worn pilot Now I’m deep as the bedtime mornin after You truly stop trying not to seriously die Yr the illicit music that my dabs get into When I put allied trouble in my microbe way, You rivet me driftin to all I shouldn’t By lettin me run rooftops thru all I should My only collusive criticism of ya’s That ya stayed with me for even one day Cuz I’d leave me for you, you verbacious crevace, O if only, O if only I could. Giddy with stereotypes of live-long grief I’m searchin barrels of grumbles for you, Retrojected from the hapless super group For cockin my kook, I’m lying with you, Losin my sense of gamblin floozies, I’m the uncensored season of wobble you, Memory’s nothin but the parallel intersperse Of looking passward thru lichen at you. My unemployable out-of-body experience Is yr incipience in my lowballable body, Yr the nutrify in my brickle words, The dissolute thrill in the tedious thrive, Yr desire’s the band of my scattering herd, I’m at home where yr burly cashews might be, Ja cozy, the whole damn bed is yr side, O at last I’m alive cuz I’m last at alive. Why do we lunge at the counterclaim candy That falls from the mockups who wave from the hearse? Why do we clutch at the breakable brushwork Of some easily foresaid code of release? O ya, for sure, we must everywhere all Climb down and get in strange beds with our birth But yr closer to being what’s never been hoed Than my missin tongue to my guitar teeth. You crusht identity into fluency To finally remedy blank cogency With a vibe-agility deep in gravity That renders rigidity raw vivacity Turnin stridency to serenity With the urgency in verbosity Now the tenacity of broke mastery Is the humbling sisterly of opacity And sublimity spirals so loosely In its empathy for discrepancy Tween the unbeaten subtlety in levity And the dreamt exogeny facing fantasy Cuz yr charity’s the thermochemistry Of my solidarity with fortuity But my crambo ain’t gotten me half a safe To all the get-it yr fine fettle’s gotten me. You pour defiance and I drink You leak avoidance and I drink You spill my rockets and I drink You spit protectorates and I drink Yr dry as parsley and I drink You cry so sparsely and I drink You ball for Romeo and I drink You swallow Ontario and I drink O mantra rider O shastra strider O scrambling star in the qualmstellation O boundless cheetah O pneumal deluge O kick in the mint for the good of the crepe O infant guide O motive sweep O humane kindred of jiving crustaceans All my matter wiles to prioring climax In yr most explodoriforous gripscape Wut more to oversay to the fickle club Cept that yr the best torrent trickle buzz N the reason for my eulogyin Can be scuzzed up in the pretty simple cuz U make everything, even the empty things, So much full a better than they ever was, O my gimme love, shimmy i’ me love, O my…O my love.


All songs written by Kirk Wood Bromley. Produced by KB2. Most drums and percussion by Joe Hertenstein. Some keyboards and other keyboard-triggered instruments, plus mixing and mastering, by Kevin Blackler. Didgeridoo and bottle drum on Luvchild Meltdown by Jesse Pursley. Flutes by Okmatofa Cameroon. Strings and a few other things by Modo Hap. Some vox by Sandstar, some others by Anon. Most everything else by Kirk Wood Bromley. Recorded at The Home Of in Brooklyn, NY.


released June 30, 2018


all rights reserved



The Good Hard

The Good Hard is playwright, poet, and musician Kirk Wood Bromley's band featuring players and producers in NYC and Arizona. Email the "Contact The Good Hard" link below if you wanna talk.

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