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Double Hit

by The Good Hard

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So-n-So 05:58
i got no critical faculties i don't condone amenities my feelings ain't emotional i got no hermetical history my bling's bioconversity my outsides ain't peripheral cuz i've slept in spirals that shoot from the dint of my swoon wen my icy eye falls on the sprung as it struggles to spume n it puddles my dreams wer the justling beams can puzzle my genes just enuf that i noe i'm so-n-so scuse me, is this yr microfone? i found it down my baritone such methods ain't methodical looks like yr mouth’s ben missin it i'd luv to hear u blissin it sum blushes ain't cosmetical n i sense the second u soak thru the dam in yr voice yr stunted sediment will roll in the river's rejoice n the life u let go will fill u with roe n u'll noe by the tow that yr to is yr fro cuz yr so-n-so im worried i'll unwind im scared i'll find my mind im nervous ill obsess im still in talks with yes i detach wen i attach im a latch without a hatch ill have to tell my dad that it's over im boring wen i heal im appalled wen i appeal i flourish in a rut im lost unless im stuck i need wut i don't need im a deprecated feed im better wen im bad to my lover hey, catchy, wont u cum with me free from this wrecknicality wer the genera ain't generical we'll be the source of the amazon we'll get our twatty scatter on our litter'll be so littoral as they spawn hard-gyred with the will of the natural whirl n they never expire cuz they liv in the mutual purl of our wide-open home with the moon and the foam as we ramble n roam singin loud as we go we're so-n-so i got no seat in certitude but i noe our solicitude is how we get primordial for life
Infyousiasm 05:58
the staff is sampling me into a warfarin gel but I just want one more second with you they’re drizzling murine thru the port in my bad smell so where’s my second second with you? call SARForce One tell em get here right away and pull me from this place O fuck I hate this place now it’s in my abdomen wanna chase your tail pow wow in vail like we used to do all the babies i ain’t had are waiting round for me high up in the tree of infertility all the babies i ain’t hard are waiting round for me to help them do the be but chances are that chances are or maybe my chances are their chances and we’ll safely land the ship on the lover yr gonna lose yr life downwire from the splice it’s gonna send yr life down the hobo arc of lookin for where you lost yr life so many dead end flights so you could lose yr life in the hero snark of brooklyn J’vonte, would you plz move my head into my hands? i died today and it seems only proper I look sad with a little hint of struggle in the shrug and wen they blame all the onco-frisbees in their scans say nah, he had some legend in the blood and i failed to let it set my body free but now i’m sunk i’ll tell you what i see we had it all we had it all we had it all we had it all and it was all that we cd do to have it all we had it all we had rose gold walkie talkies made from fake remnants of the wailing wall we had it all we had our house get scouted for that docudrama on the death of rock-n-roll we had it all we had the apache plans for destroying phoenix with a great lakes waterfall we got naked, we cd sing we ate ramen on a swing we had it all yeah we were born to rumble up the hill downers on the grill i can see it now you and me somehow chimeric monoclonal antibo… just one more seco…
Maybe Shaky 05:48
when i love, you love to fight my love when i hate, you hate i hate too much when i fear, you fear i don’t fear enough but nuthin can take me from you is the one thing i know just ain’t true cuz when i touch down i fall thru when i dream, you dream my dreams won’t play when i wake, you wake behind a day when i rise, you rise to go astray but sumthin keeps you next to me when darkness is all there’s to see like happiness loves misery maybe i need psychiatry maybe i need perversity maybe i need fertility or maybe you need me when i steal, you steal from your own cage when i heal, you heal to spread the pain when i breathe, you take my breath away but you’ll never see what i see cuz you’re always lookin at me i’m yours cuz our love sets me free maybe i need stability maybe i need adultery maybe i need some privacy or maybe you need me
i’m standin in the vortical square waitin for my non-dramatic energy cuz i never really sleep wen i’m readin all the meters that are talkin for me how’m i s’posta quit this original paranoia lift-off scream? i’m not yr map, u dreamy social boy so cool it with the dyin for the camera already i wanna put my girlfriend in yr mouth so you’ll finally understand why i’m black my vision was to stray from my vision but i’m stuck makin a stink over the liking I lack the streets are risin up in my face i’m up against an irresistible wall i’ll never be forgiven for the peace that i worship in the carestream cuz everything’s political wrong thinking, right answer don’t worry, there’s a roof over yr disaster all those canny tyrant dolls got legs so they can chase the shit I left behind sorry’s just a walk away away so don’t stick yr needle in my camel’s eye why’s it every time i make you cum u gotta make it all bout eatin the rich? luv don’t speak til it’s spoke in two so punch me out when yr ready to kiss ain’t no truth in tryin to act in touch wen yr a free-fallin profundity stickin with yr people for thr fire tusks is braggin how there’s avocado in yr guacamole i love the wind in my never too young i love how i tell the toilet i love how shooshi eats the beautiful kids i love u stupid so now go and spoil it if yr position in traffic makes u feel important may i recommend a retroactive abortion?
Sly Over 04:38
when she shy she shy supersize when she pry she so justified and wen she cry she use ur eyes ain’t she sly? when she spry she so intertwined when she fly she the sky awhile and wen she ly she tell u y ain’t she sly? befor u can rest ya gota bang with the best and she duz go where you’re loved or do time for their drugs and she duz when she try she sum easy-pie when she spy she go undisguised and wen she mine she otherwise ain’t she sly? to find what ya lost ya gota pay wut it cost and she duz unless you relate you become what you hate and she duz when she nigh she so bye bye bye when she wry she like the morning-tide and wen she dy she so alive ain’t she sly?
girl’s got the fear of a gem on I-10 thrown round her borders like hate that won’t send dabbing the news with the split rose she nah’d to stream one more scared sexless song karalotta drop that doom rock a sky isle’s calling yr cue get off the feed lot and on my free squash it’ll titrate the soon in yr soon the 33rd month of the day is coming you hear the drumming it’s just those journo hippies for war fair you ordered yourself and they sent you their share but why let broken windows paint yr room? you die when you say yr dying’s in the way of taking the tremor for the tone so back to first grade to find yr stage name beneath all those demons made of dough and then let’s go past the headline showtime’s no time dreams ain’t done to code anxious just pranks us with calls from ourselves i don’t know shit but i know when it smells they claim yr soul is to blame for the slums just to munition yr love karalotta the karankawa are weeping at the rise of you they know that fraught’s a persona grata ready for her baby shoes there ain’t nothin out there but what’s in there where yr nowhere or maybe i just talk straight tequila cuz when yr maui wowie’d i can steal ya or also maybe that’s what yr in too sumthin gets fuckt when sumthin gets fixt sumthin gets fuckt when sumthin gets fixt don’t matter if yr livin in the steel or the sticks, it’s so sumthin gets fuckt when sumthin gets fixt sumthin gets fuckt when sumthin gets fixt don’t matter if yr runnin with the pussies or the pricks, i know sumthin gets fuckt when sumthin gets fixt sumthin gets fuckt when sumthin gets fixt so let’s nekkid up and check ourselves for politics, uh oh
maybe run my mouth for a while then it’ll shit try to keep my corrosion in style and pretty the pit aggressive subtype aggressive subtype repressive insight such a dumb bunny aggressive subtype impressive head blight aggressive subtype so god-damn stuffy come on down to the biowar it’s you against an open door that leads into the exposome where graves are grown where jocular suppositories metastasize memento moris into hooters cancer milking stalls on endless silent retreat conference calls i luv wutever bloom narcotizes the sweet commune clutter buzz i even luv it for wut it wuz befor it wuz wut it just duz just cuz today we kill, tomorrow we cake so take what’s given then give your take but to farm the swayed’s to spill your fill and yr cake today is tomorrow’s kill here comes death with his nite sweat stiffy rubbin love all on me like a knife of jiffy and i can’t remember if I askt him over or he’s me on iffy lookin for a native guide thru the knees wide to me in their ardent hour loving me like a sopor power with the oncolysis of bad keys
Stage 5 04:04
like a wolf in a stable oscillating stealthily round impending atrophy he so frantic so lymphatic gets it wrong again innate playpen, what made you reappear with needles groovy daughter cell yields eatin him away? where’s the wild we knew? it’s the no return in the price we pay just a dad on a table autonomic necropsy molting anaerobically no more shoulders no talk-overs til yr good to go germinal biome, gimme somethin rugged for my kickback can i get that implant from yr patency? seeds all try’n to spin yet there he lies like the west of me over the end over the end over the endogenous transcript bottom-up keepin animate fecund embodiment of the struggle to subdue the dust like a fern blooming hazel remedium andrologon pasturage for mastodon notochordal surely a portal to the neocene set in a scream, still we gotta live in every muscle supple in the hustle til we feel him out behind the awe bearing us to the unruly rim
Banal Sex 05:06
candles blind the censored bed sweetened stench disdained fr'out the brazing figureheds sapience is drained fracture swets the straining spred slaps elicit squeals gutted, guilty quadrupeds innocence congeal it ain't kind but it's on my mind i've broken with yr past u'll pay for wut i did, i'm dumping on yr fig to fertilize my dad epicure, unwean n suk my missing thumb u'll learn by losing me to be my diagram the landmarks of forgetting r squatting on yr grave tedious forbidden tastes succor taunts disgust nuzzling in the fecund waste inequities entrust longing for defunct release vicious tenders bliss O evanescent masterpiece O hylic interstice it ain't mine but it's in my spine yr wish is my remand extol me with yr snub the lytic demimonde bootlicks our scissel's quab j'demande ton abattoir s'ouvrir ses portes gras 'fin que je voie pourquoi mon scie cloche zozota the great shakes of grisetting r sporing in yr cave wanting u misgivingly converts the drive to have into the drive to hurt for luv most luvs the luv that luv averts they say we split at birth wich means they got there first so who can stop my hand from doing their command? only u can be it if only u make me it we'll know it wen we free it pride reveals a latent space sumptuous in its shame wence the jiggered bouillabaise egests a feted blame i was wrong to crave my life but it wuz rong to hide allayer fake beneath the knife how temptingly u chide it just died but i want inside
do you founder at the glee that roars thru open doors, broken, stiff, and brittle?
 do you lurch in corners taunted by the gyring mass whose rhythm stomps your riddle? do you shrink from the sensuous invitation to share some synderetic transmutation lockt as the laws gnaw’n off your paws cataloguin flaws you’re so dead certain all see but none admire? slow may you run thru the fire are you draggled in the dissonance tween perfect thought and speech that mocks the speaker? are you crusht by quick encroaching walls as panic screams, “Lo, the babbling cheater” are you froze in dysphasic indecision before your eager, open-eared ambition lame to your love hungry for the dust head-buttin at the hush you cannot conquer for all that you desire? slow may you run thru the fire shy the seed that surges from the stud shy the child who’s crownin thru the blood shy all raucous being unbegun you can speak your mind thru me and all your words will be pure as providant lust i’m gonna throw my voice thru you and stage a d’etat coup that the shusher shall be shusht so you hunch in postures scrutinized to proffer you the least excessive presence so you stifle every impetus that threatens to decrease your obsolescence so you heave in the darkness desperate seekin the reason that the daylight leaves you weepin blind by their stares wishin you weren’t there ever unprepared to face the judgment your innocence inspires slow may you run thru the fires shy the snow that settles on the tongue shy the breeze that blusters to the lung shy the four the three the two the one you can roam freeform thru me and from captivity you’ll burst like the first surprise i’m gonna scrunch up tight to you and loosen every screw that binds you paralyzed you can live your life thru me and my obscurity will hide you when you shine i'm gonna give my life to you and all you’re dyin to do we're gonna rush it right on time
yr home brew yr rainbow bridge yr all nite where’s thoreau? yr sperm banks yr messy maid yr homestead on the go yr scenic root yr changing booth yr play by maybe play yr formative mull yr mystery bag yr blowhard every day yr rebel tad pole yr vinyl warmth yr tantric uppercut yr snowed-in fire yr lingo herb yr votive luteal pump yr casket talks yr morir sonando yr entangling therapies yr mystic hot spring yr chizz throwring yr damn well do as u please we broke as fuck but the fuck ain’t broke i’m quittin music, pawn my fallalery throat rent our riddim cuz we’re clean quiet folk shit’s legal so let’s move some soft soap my hope it flickers like a skate country strobe gonna fry our sopapillas in the friction of their hell no in the kitchen of just in the matutinal past in critical condition in the recliner of choosy in vanguard ruins in a sketchy direction in genetic debt in reciprocal frenzy in the didn’t place in a worship of pseuds in yr outside voice in a half rest in love and in lieu of love if u want me to i take u yes, i do to work yr farm til the feast is on to wait for u wen u get withdrawn to spin my wheel that yr fluted bowl be thrown wen the tease turns true yes, i do i take u hope u take me too mom and dad said i had the killer nads then i got it bad in the neuropath from mom and dad stan for yr mama flan her jicama wetland her fauna fab her madrasa sideman her tablah hand on her kama gameplan her bama clad in her virga rain away i take u weirder than a rubberband shot from the wagging finger of fracas i take u snorkeling round the teeming wrecks off the isle of the lucrative pariah i take u like a nursery rhyme thru the stages of prodigious orchestration i take u to my place so u can feel up my exotic eureka complication i take u tag along down the everybody sideways ethno-disintegration logo drift i take u back so far you’ll relentlessly relive that moment wen yr empty hed wuz an expectant gift doctor says ppl on repoch feel bout 75% themselves but i can’t feel wut i feel wen i feel bout 75% myself so here’s to the stuck in cement i’ll never get cuz i’m way too flexy sexy in my everything’s my element like a dog in a play all alleles on foreign aid moqui steps to the milky way my opinionette sunday’d of or for us afraid moqui steps to the milky way 75% deplaned into you
i tried, my bride to build us a better life inside and u tried too but there ain’t nuthin two nuthins can’t do we have such a démodé, lovely way to drown let’s go play the crazy stray til the top dogs put us down O bring me down O bring me down no one’s clappin so let’s take a bow O bring me down ain’t it great to be so unrenowned? O bring me down it’s deep, this heap, but i can’t find a thing i’d keep let’s snap in crap til the apes rise up n shoot us for that y go on midst all the cheers that all yr tears r brown? life is for the winning, dear, but this one doesn’t count O bring me down O bring me down to a town that’s always outta town O bring me down wer my stupid songs don’t make a sound O bring me down it seems only yesterday gets to hold the snake probly cuz that handler man can only handle fakes O bring me down O bring me down ya I luv it wen we’re in the ground O bring me down neath the lekkin of the prairie grouse O bring me down ya i luv it when i’m not around we’re free to be not free to not be not u and me
I Got Taken 01:25
i never wuz that good at figrin out wer i hid my kid bangin on a can to call the birds i crash so i can skid and just wen i think i’ve found the rite tongue-lashin to lick my wounds i get taken for my lover by my tailspin to resolution and i feel my boner commandeer my wut infusion? wen i bot artnigger.com it felt true to me but i tickt private registration cuz i’m too good to be true i never noe if i shd keep yr qualms on my mind or my machine yr hesitation dance is up in me wen i fite for the wolverine congratulations to all the actors from body language is a dead language many thousand mighty buffalo jump off cliff wen tiny man in buffalo hed jump up and down at edge of cliff i may be in yr space but at least i’m askin for sum fuckin help here
round and round the meomle go the meomle go all day round and round the meomle glow like a twinned rainbow tryn to win the grey round and round the meomle crow like a nursing home on a youth crusade round and round the meomle blow like a beauty show in a man-made hurricane here’s to the great ok where it’s indemendence day every time you don’t dismay
Drippy Pole 03:02
plug me in deep, drippy, smut my veins up, drip it down down the slippy pole, drippy, ship your flippy grit sole to crown shit yr trippy scrip in me, grip me in yr rippy run-around got it awful bad now in me, drippy lift the mother grub love high in me scorch the paraquat zebra mussel titty but spare my sweet aplenty mississippi crash my rash no-hit obit in it smit me pretty drippy with yr amniotic peril feral city til I’m free she the baby in my body, whirlwind of jumpy groggy, me and drippy pole fascicles reformatory, my better gettin glory story drippin out her hole paranatal tributary, fresh blood flash flood, drip, drip, you soily casserole rub the dirty money out my placid alloruckus lovers baking hammers into flippers send em dolphing thru the serostratus nuzzle with the fossorial nectar flyin off the cavalcade of sympathovivetic flutter truckers rushin to the scene where every hugger ever felt like they were doing zactly what enough is me and drippy pole entangled in some brutal dioecious wreckage but alive and blooming indestructible complete remission from the hemosepsis threw us under microscopic thinking’s least beloved bus shining all your love-lit life in the shadow of an inmost bullet shot at you by you so you can tether you in a stranger’s orbit round the roving chasmal sun that is the senseless endless moment of the only thing you ever meant screaming fire
all my life seems I stumbled round the funny gold slur’n to the guard, “ya gotta get me in yr friend” while an old dead hand motioned to me from a junky throne n the sandstone sang, “we’re gonna get you in the end” any damn day it just crawls thru yr window yr fast asleep cuz you were slow as a kid so it takes a bit to get a grip on its mo which is humpin yr leg til yr nothin but a pillow n that’s when you wake like the spark in a widow but it’s way too late cuz yr mind’s his mic, it go “you thought what you don’t know can hurt you so now what hurts you’s all you know” far’s I feel I made love with everyone I met but my friends still gripe I’m a color that won’t blend n it’s maybe cuz I’m too fixed on an idle threat from the dark house coo’n, “I’m a get you in the end” faces pass by sellin smiles that keep you from bookin a room at the hotel adieu but when everybody turnt nobody a turn-to if all yr lookin for’s the turn-off; would you have come to life if you’d seen the preview n realized yr gonna drown in yr canoe ‘fore you get it thru the rain one long haul from that beautiful outta-here bayou? O for sure it’s a bangin party banged my head on a girl named risky got to hear lord sir mccartney do coming up after eleanor rigby raced round town like a low tech taxi found a couple a grown-up kids in my whiskey pretty much just said “why ask me?” best time was when that one guy bust into the store n threw hot marshmallows at us and we come out lookin like a psa on the dangers of excessive hickies once it come you ain’t shake it for all yr worth cuz all yr worth is all you can’t defend like yr close as quail stompin hard on the honest earth for a little twine that’s a whole lot less on trend yeah you twist and shout but yr revolution’s run and we’re walkin out cuz yr outta tune, my friend so yr all alone cept yr not, shit, he’s on yr gun whisprin low and mean, “got you in the end” where ya think yr goin with that fast refresh? you the rabble in the castle, you the sad address think the hot that is can’t touch the cool that wuz? scuze me while i piss your dust yeah you can call me shitkicker with a chance of dirt but when the dirt get kickt you the shit I learnt
Snow on Buds 06:11
when the winds warmly waft away the wintry bright pink buds alight eager for delight then all the world starts making love why don’t we? then new winds coldly gnash away the glory and silent snow adorns bright pink buds newborn and all the world stops making love why must we? we all know the story some buds die early but in their demise bright pink buds new rise and all the world starts making love which are we, love? which are we? i went to turn the grass once... and then he flew as far as eye could see... from sheer morning gladness at the brim... and feel a spirit kindred to my own... ‘men work together,’ i told him from the heart, ‘whether they work together or apart.’
N.E.D. 00:50
deplatformed, I lay in your lane and you tied me on sister wife, with your man koozie fame you got me in to god no evidence of chew toy brain disease livin low and lux in the valiant sleaze between the balance beams


released December 12, 2020

All songs written by Kirk Wood Bromley. Produced by KB2. Featuring Kirk Wood Bromley (vox, gits, bass, keyboards, drums) & Kevin Blackler (keyboards, bass, drums) on all songs, along with Sandstar (vox, keyboards), James Ilgenfritz (bass), Joe Hertenstein (drums), Nathan Bontrager (cello), & Stephanie Dodd (vox) on some songs (DM them for specifics; they'd love to hear from you). Recorded at Rearhouse Studios and Blackler Studios in BK, NY, & mixed/mastered by Kevin Blackler at Blackler Studios.


all rights reserved



The Good Hard

The Good Hard is playwright, poet, and musician Kirk Wood Bromley's band featuring players and producers in NYC and Arizona. Email the "Contact The Good Hard" link below if you wanna talk.

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